How to Give Your Preschooler More Independence?

While it might be hard to even imagine your toddler as an adult, that day would surely come, and when that day comes, you would definitely want your child to be able to make right choices and also manage their daily life independently. And the way that parents can help make it happen, as a caregiver at the best preschool in Vadodara suggested, is to letting go, slowly, of the things that you do for your young child, all the while keeping a safety net of limits and family rules firmly in place. It would take both “guts and wisdom” to know just how to make the same happen.

When parents keep doing simple tasks for their kid rather than teaching him/her how to do the same themselves, parents are indicating that kids don’t really have the confidence in his/her abilities. This could lead to children who lack self-esteem, self-dependence, and problem-solving skills – they simply couldn’t or wouldn’t do the age-appropriate tasks themselves.

Here are a few ways to help parents encourage more independence in their young kids:

Identify opportunities and further prioritize them
Firstly, make a short list of things that your kid can do without your help or assistance. Then ask your child which tasks he/she feels “too big to take on.” Then prioritize these tasks and transfer responsibilities of such tasks gradually to your child, so that he/she don’t feel overwhelmed.

Make enough time
If you would be having your young child take on tasks of hair-brushing and it is estimated that it would take about 10 minutes, suggests a caregiver at the preschool in Vadodara, then make sure that your kid starts getting ready for morning ten minutes earlier than he/she did before.

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