Things to Know About Early Childhood Learning Assessments and Kindergarten

As kids head to kindergarten or primary school, they begin this important academic year with different kind of experiences as well as differing degree of development and growth in various aspects of life and learning. In order to help the teachers to understand better where different kids are in their own unique social and learning experiences, early learning assessments play an important role.

Early learning assessment is used by much primary school Vadodara, preschools and kindergarten to support ad improve the development and growth of kids. The areas that are measured, of the kids’ development and growth by the assessment tools include the following:

  • Social foundations
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social studies
  • Fine arts
  • Physical well-being & motor development
  • Language and literacy

Teachers would use a process of close observation and documentation in order to conduct the early childhood assessments. In other words, it wouldn’t involve the kids sitting down to participate in formal sit-down assessments or answer test questions. Instead, the teachers at the play school in Vadodara would watch to observe how each kid interacts as well as performs as natural part of their day.

It’s a continuous process, since the teachers would observe the growth of individual kids’ learning and use the things that they discover to better understand how they could help that kid to continue to better learn in more effective ways. Parents and teachers would then sit down privately to review the finding and further discuss how the parents could continue supporting their kid’s development.

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