Safety Issues & Tips for Toddlers

Your toddler, like other toddlers that age, is curious – and this is great really, because his/her curiosity is fueling learning. However, it is also crucial to protect your little one as he/she explores the surrounding environment in order to prevent injury. In a typical home, there are numerous danger zones, and here are someContinue reading “Safety Issues & Tips for Toddlers”

Things to Know About Early Childhood Learning Assessments and Kindergarten

As kids head to kindergarten or primary school, they begin this important academic year with different kind of experiences as well as differing degree of development and growth in various aspects of life and learning. In order to help the teachers to understand better where different kids are in their own unique social and learningContinue reading “Things to Know About Early Childhood Learning Assessments and Kindergarten”

Spending Quality-Time with Your Little One

Kids enjoy when they get to spend some quality time with parents. Though it could be understood that parents may be quite occupied at times with many things, it isn’t that difficult to take some time for your child. Here are a few ways parents can spend quality time with their kids: Morning time: OneContinue reading “Spending Quality-Time with Your Little One”

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