Safety Issues & Tips for Toddlers

Your toddler, like other toddlers that age, is curious – and this is great really, because his/her curiosity is fueling learning. However, it is also crucial to protect your little one as he/she explores the surrounding environment in order to prevent injury. In a typical home, there are numerous danger zones, and here are some solutions to protect your toddler from those.

The toilet, for instance, with the few inches of water that it has, presents a critical safety issue for toddlers. To protect kids from drowning, make sure that you have put a latch on toilet seats, suggests a caretaker at the play school in Manjalpur Vadodara, and ensure that the seats are kept closed. In the living room, check cushions of sofas, armchairs, and recliners frequently to find any change or other choking hazard that your little one can find. It is especially important to look for choking hazards after guests leave the house. In the kitchen, the refrigerator magnet presents choking hazard too when they are within reach. So, either make sure to avoid such magnets, or atleast ensure that they are out of reach of the toddlers.

Other safety issues for toddlers exists around scalding & burning. For instance, ensure that you have smoke alarms installed on each floor of the home, including near rooms where you and your family members sleep. The caretaker at the primary school Vadodara suggests that you test the alarms monthly and also make sure to use the long-life batteries in these.

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