Adaptive Skills Necessary for Young Learners

A child must learn certain skills before he/she starts attending school or any structured educational program. The skills being addressed here are ones that would help them take care of oneself, be more self-reliant and self-dependent, and take care of basic age-appropriate tasks. Such basic self-care or adaptive skills include practicing hygiene, getting oneself dressed and practicing self-feeding as well as helping other with chores. Toddlers and young children are eager learners, and this makes it all the more important for parents and teacher to take advantage of their curiosity and eagerness to learn by encouraging child to practice these adaptive skills:
Practice basic hygiene. Young kids need to be able to practice basic hygiene before they start attending preschool or primary school Vadodara. Basic hygiene practices include potty-training, washing hands after using toilet, etc. At home, parents should start potty-training their child, and teach them to take bath themselves and to brush their own teeth. A great way of practicing hygiene skills is pretend play.

Practice self-feeding. While it may not be possible for kids to be completely self-dependent and learn to feed themselves perfectly, it is important to nurture self-feeding habits from an early age. The teachers and caretakers at the nursery school in Vadodara will surely help and assist your child in developing these skills.
Practice Dressing. Preschools often have a dedicated dress up time, which is more of a pretend play. However, it could serve as a really good tool to help kids develop self-care skills.

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